Recycle your old equipment. If you’ve got unused computers collecting dust, recycling is the best way to get rid of them.

By partnering with local electronics recyclers, Kanabec Systems is able to offer FREE recycling of most computers and related equipment.


What’s accepted: All computers and LCD displays are accepted free of charge. CRT displays and printers are accepted, but a $5 per unit disposal fee is required.

What’s not accepted: Copiers, appliances, and other non-computer-related items are not accepted. Items weighing more than 100lbs, or those that can’t fit through a standard doorway, will require advance approval.

How to recycle: Bring your item(s) to our office during open hours. Our staff will be happy to assist you in placing the item(s) to be recycled in the correct location. No items may be left outside, or dropped off when the office is closed.

Privacy concerns: All data on machines’ hard drives is destroyed by Kanabec Systems on-site, free of charge. Machines are stored securely prior to data destruction. One of two destruction processes – either zero-filling or degaussing – may be employed, depending on which recycler will be handling the final processing. Regardless of the destruction technique, all data on the drive is permanently removed.


Questions? Concerns? Have a large quantity of equipment to recycle? Let us know.