Our office is pretty nice. We thought you might like to see what’s all here – including parts not normally shown to the public. So we took some pictures of what it looks like on an average day. There’s more to see… but for now, enjoy this peek at where we work.

A selection of computers, parts and accessories are always on hand

Several computers are ready to go and available for testing and demonstrations

The service counter is right inside the front door

For items that can be repaired while you wait, comfortable seating is at hand

The workbench has room for servicing up to six machines at once (three stations shown)

The break area is a space for staff to share ideas – or eat their lunches

The owner has his own office, located mere feet away from the action

The warehouse offers lots of storage for our huge selection of parts, vintage equipment, and other items not kept in the showroom. It also houses our sister operation, JUNK.MN