The new webserver: IT’S ALIVE!

Well, the new server (whose name is dala, by the way) is now up and running.

In fact, the page you’re seeing right now was served by it.

So far the transition has been fairly smooth. DNS changes propagated to all the major nameservers in a matter of two or three hours – lightning fast as compared to the usual 12-24 hours. Our password database was abandoned and the users were all moved by hand, but everything else was scripted and “automagically” took care of itself.

About the only config issue I ran into was with our MTA. I’ve always disliked Sendmail, mostly due to my lack of understanding it (but then, who can really claim to understand Sendmail’s arcane config-file format?). Even so, I could never quite bring myself to make the move to something more modern – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, right?

However, after spending a few hours struggling (and failing) to make Sendmail play nice with saslauthd on the new server, I finally threw in the towel. Now we run Postfix… and yes, it really *is* much nicer.

The last thing to be moved is the Mailman mailing lists and their associated archives, which is happening right now. So far so good!

Will this make all the customers happy? Tomorrow should give me a better idea of that… but for tonight, there’s still lots more non-server-related work to be done.

By the way: the admin interface is now at If your password isn’t working, call and we’ll be happy to reset it for you.

And if you happen to be missing anything, don’t worry – the old server (raqpaq) is still running, and we can easily log into it for you and retrieve anything that might have been overlooked. Or you can dig around yourself… just telnet, FTP, SSH, or what-have-you to and take your last look around. (We’ll be taking it down for the last time sometime later this week.)