End of an era: raqpaq and scooby halted

The above picture was what you’d see if you entered raqpaq.kanabecsystems.com into your web browser’s address bar. That is, until 11pm last night.

It was at that time that our two remaining servers at NCIS – raqpaq, our former shared hosting server; andscooby.mnkids.net, the last remaining piece of the once-glorious Kidsnet system – were officially turned off for good.

This marks the end of an era… one which started nearly a decade ago with a humble Linux box serving pages for the Lone Pine community center, and which grew to consume a whole corner of the NCIS “datacenter” at its peak some five years ago.

Times change, though. NCIS isn’t what it used to be, and neither are we. Our needs have changed, and our customers’ expectations aren’t the same as they were a decade ago. Now sites are bigger, more dynamic, and relied on moreso than ever. That’s why we put dala online… and that’s why we’ll probably keep expanding in the years to come.

scooby and the console, in its former home

But for today, give a nod to the tired iron that gave dozens of area establishments their Web presence for so many years. It’ll be torn apart and hauled back to our office next week for a much-deserved retirement on a shelf downstairs. Or perhaps to be reused again someday…