An icon you’ve never seen before

This would be the floppy disk icon on the Mac OS X desktop, as displayed on a brand-spankin’-new MacBook running 10.6.4.

We’ve seen this icon a few times back in the early days of OS X – you know, when beige Macs were still a common sight. (Yes, kids, Macs never used to be made out of aluminum.)

Back then, customers would routinely try and talk us into “tricking” the latest build of, say, 10.1.x, into running on their Power Mac 7300 with 128MB of RAM and a Sonnet Presto G3 card – and sometimes we would. Such machines actually had floppy drives built into them, so on the rare occasion when someone would insert a floppy disk, said icon would appear on their desktop. Even then we were a bit surprised not to see the generic “white drive” icon instead.

But today, as we connected a USB SuperDisk drive to a thoroughly modern Intel Mac, we were utterly shocked to see it. No AppleTalk, no Rosetta… but yet somehow the floppy icon lives on.

Now if only the Happy Mac would once again show its smiling face, or we could be lulled to the beat of a thousand flying toaster wings on these new Macs, all would be right in the world again.

Or maybe not. (But we still want to see After Dark get ported… hint, hint!)