Broadband meeting + ISP list

If you didn’t happen to visit the Kanabec Broadband Initiative booth at the Home Show, you missed out on untold measures of fun and excitement. And if you didn’t happen to attend their Community Broadband Forum, your chance to witness history in the making has passed.

But though all the fun may be over, the documentation lives on. This is the ISP list we created for said events – a very valuable one-page flyer that was passed out at both events. It has current info on various Internet service providers that operate in the Mora area, including available speeds, prices, and pros/cons for different access mediums. We created it in hopes that it’ll make your quest to obtain broadband Internet access easier. Enjoy!

Oh, and by the way: Kanabec Systems is a member of the Kanabec Broadband Initiative group. That means we’ll be there to bring our customers’ perspectives and point of view to the table when the decisions are being made. We’re happy to be involved, and plan to do our part in bringing the promise of broadband closer to reality in rural Kanabec County.