Hosting upgrade on the way

Demand for Web hosting is on the rise. Our new WordPress self-manageable sites are a hit. And an upcoming partnership with KBI to provide free Web hosting for area small businesses is on the horizon. Take it all in, and suddenly that shiny new Web server we moved into three years ago is looking a little undersized.

So it is that we’ve begun the latest in our long string of Web server upgrades. But unlike last time, this move isn’t being brought on by any calamity. On this go-round, we have the time and flexibility to make it a smooth transition for all involved. Chances are you won’t even notice the change. (Unless you’re a WordPress user – in which case you’ll likely enjoy a larger disk space quota.)

If you have any questions, contact us. If we have any concerns about moving your site, we’ll contact you. And as the next few weeks pass, we look forward to seeing you on the new server.