Don’t go it alone. Setting up or expanding your business’ computers, network, phones, and other equipment can be a daunting task. That’s why Kanabec Systems offers consulting services – to help make it easy. You can rely on us to plan and create a finished product that fulfills your wants and needs while still being reliable and affordable.

Whether your goal is to reduce maintenance, integrate, modernize, mobilize, build up, scale down, secure, simplify, standardize… we’ve got a solution to get you there.

Contact us to see what we can do for you, and to find out more about our rates and availability. If you’re with a nonprofit, be sure to ask about The Discount, too.

Examples of our past projects include:

  • Building and troubleshooting networks
  • Migrating “peer-to-peer” networks to client-server operation
  • Outfitting servers running *nix, Windows, OS X, etc.
  • Replacing and/or consolidating servers
  • Linking multiple LANs together via VPNs or dedicated circuits
  • Building wide-area WiFi networks and wireless backhauls
  • Supporting “alternative” operating systems (i.e., Linux, MacOS) both in the back office and on the desktop
  • Implementing Voice over IP solutions – complete new systems, “hybrid” installations, and a variety of other interesting schemes (wireless VoIP payphones, anyone?)
  • Finding, modifying, implementing, and (occasionally) creating special-purpose software programs
  • …and much, much, much more!

We aim to serve small and medium businesses of all types, as well as similarly sized nonprofits. Our specialties include Linux and Mac-related projects, small business networking, telecom (especially in relation to Asterisk), and pretty much anything that involves ‘doing something with nothing’.