Big offices have helpdesks. Lucky them – anytime something breaks, they can just call one number and know it’ll get fixed. (Wait a minute – that sounds familiar…)

It’s a shame that most small businesses can’t have helpdesks. But fortunately, Kanabec Systems offers service, support, consulting, and just about everything else your business needs to keep its IT systems running like a well-oiled machine.

And no, we don’t mind if you call us your helpdesk.


What we do: We can build, install, upgrade, back-up, diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, refurbish, reinstall, restore, move, migrate, take apart, or tear down any computer or communications equipment you may have. We can help you assess your current situation and needs, assist you in planning changes to your systems, and help you find and tap hidden potential in your systems.

Who gets special pricing: Non-profit organizations receive a 10% discount on all labor and in-stock parts and equipment.

How much it costs: Estimates and advice are free (unless travel is involved); labor is billed by the hour. See our rate sheet.

Pick-up service: If your organization needs in-shop (not on-site) repairs for at least two machines per week, you may wish to take advantage of scheduled weekly pick-ups/drop-offs. It’s an especially useful service for schools and other institutions, and offers convenient reporting and billing options. Contact us for more information.