Be nice to your computer. When your Mac or PC breaks down, what do you do? Do you run the disk defragmenter and virus scanner over and over, hoping it’ll get better? Do you take it to your weird neighbor who carries his soldering iron everywhere? Do you whip out the restore disc and erase it out of desperation? Do you kick it, just for good measure?

Before you kick it again, give us a call. We do service and upgrades for Macs and PCs, sell just about anything computer-related you could imagine, and can give you support that makes every step of your computing experience easier.

Feel free to browse the offerings below. Or, if you don’t see what you are looking for, or have more questions, just give us a call.


What we do: We can diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, refurbish, upgrade, back-up and/or restore any computer you may have.

Where we do it: Residential service is available only at our office on a carry-in basis – we no longer offer in-home service in most cases.

How much it costs: Estimates and advice are free; repairs are billed by the hour. A typical job takes 1-2 hours of billable time. See our rate sheet for details.