Host with the most. If your website calls for more than the typical bargain-basement hosting, Kanabec Systems can help. Our hosting service runs on equipment we manage ourselves and monitor around the clock, fed by a superfast multi-homed connection to the Internet. We can provide all the typical services (DNS, web, mail, FTP, etc) plus anything else you might need – since we control our servers, we can configure your hosting to suit your exact needs. And, of course, you’ll always have access to our self-service portal (for managing email accounts, etc) and truly local support.

Self-designed or with WordPress: If you already have a website, or if you work with a web designer, our hosting comes pre-configured with all the options you’ll need to get up and running. Alternatively, you can choose to use WordPress – a point-and-click website creation tool that we provide as a free option for all hosting customers.

What it costs: Most hosting customers pay $12 per month, or $132 per year, plus a $10 yearly registrar fee per domain. Additional costs may be involved if above-average disk space or bandwidth will be required

How to start: To find out more, or to get started with Kanabec Systems hosting, contact us today. And if you’re moving from another host, be sure to ask about our “switch and save” special.