Here are a few commonly asked questions about our hosting service:

  • As a hosting customer, what do I get? You get DNS service (assuming your domain is configured to use our nameservers for resolution), space for your website, FTP access to said space, the ability to create email accounts within your domain, an empty database, and use of our mailing list service. You also get access to technical support, in case you need assistance with configuration or in getting started.
  • Do you design my website? Do you offer website templates? No and no. Our hosting service is designed for people who have an existing website, work with a web designer or digital advertising firm, will be using blog or CMS software to manage their website, or want to create their own site from scratch. If you need assistance moving your existing site, or with setting up your blog or CMS software, we’ll be happy to help. If you need a new site built, you should probably contact a web designer.
  • I need a CMS. Can you provide me with one? Sure. We offer WordPress as a no-cost option for all hosting customers – it’s simple yet robust, and can be configured to meet just about any need (including many of our customers’ sites, and even our own… the site you’re using right now). Getting started is easy… just contact us and we can have it ready in seconds.
  • I’m already paying you. Why do I need a registrar? The registrar is responsible for reserving your domain name, and “pointing” it to your host. As your host, we are responsible for accepting and handling requests for your domain – providing space for your website, forwarding and holding your email, etc. Both services are needed in order to have a complete and working web presence.
  • My registrar wants to know what two nameservers I’ll be using. What should I say? Tell them your primary is, and that your secondary is
  • What’s my username/password? Your management username and password were chosen when your hosting account was created. That same username and password is used for all services we provide – mail, FTP, our management interface, etc. You can add, remove, and change your users’ passwords using the management interface.
  • Help! I forgot the password! If one of your users’ passwords has been lost, you can reset it using the management interface. If your management password has been lost, you’ll need to contact us so we can reset it for you.
  • I need to configure my mail client. What setting should I use? Incoming and outgoing server should be – POP and IMAP are both supported. Authenticated SMTP is required. Encryption is available, but uses a self-signed certificate (may show errors during setup, which can be ignored). Usernames and passwords are as shown in the management interface – no “@domain” is needed.
  • Can I have a database? Yes. In fact, you already do! We run MySQL; the server is; the database name is the same as your management username. First-time access is granted by your management username and password.
  • Where can I see access statistics for my website? Just type yourdomainname/stats into the address bar of your favorite browser. AWStats will appear, and you’ll be able to see all your statistical data. Raw Apache logs are also available via FTP (look in ~/logs).

If you have any other questions, let us know.