The right call. Key systems can be nice. They’re simple, not overly expensive, and usually pretty reliable.

But what if you want more? What if you want something that can grow with your business? Something that offers more bang for your buck? Something that you can count on, now and in the future? Something that can do exactly what you want, even if everyone’s told you it’s impossible?

That’s where we come in. Our Asterisk-based systems can do just about anything you can dream up, and yet they actually cost less than just about everything else out there. Better still, their Voice over IP capabilities can actually save you money on your monthly telephone costs. (For some, it’s been as much as 75%)

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. It’s just how things are done in the new world of telecom. Be a part of it - ask us how you can move up to Asterisk.


More to come. We’re in the process of expanding our telecom offerings. Once our product lineup has been finalized, you’ll see it here.

In the meanwhile, you can still hear what a few of our systems sound like:

An audio walk-through of our own Asterisk system. Shows some of Asterisk’s most
basic capabilities – menus, call routing, voicemail, music on hold, message notifications, etc.


Typical customer’s system, recorded shortly after installation. The customer has recorded
their initial menu, and users have set up their mailboxes, but everything else is still at our
default settings.


Some light-duty custom development – a weather line, hosted on our office Asterisk system.
Retrieves temperature and conditions four times per hour from the local airport, and generates
a complete forecast hourly using data from the National Weather Service.


Other noteworthy projects. We can do all sorts of things with Asterisk. A few examples:

  • Inter-Office Calling: One of our customers had two offices which were only a few dozen miles apart, but were in two different area codes. They used to spend lots of money on long-distance calls between the two offices – but with Asterisk’s Voice over IP abilities, they now route those calls over the Internet for free. Better still, users in both locations can use call transfer and other system features as if they were all located in the same building.
  • Campground: Another customer – a campground – built a Web-based reservation system using PHP and MySQL, which by itself was pretty nice. But it got even nicer once we wrote an Asterisk application that could take reservations by phone and insert them into the database automatically. Now, no matter how campers make their reservation, it’s all in one place – no hassles, no mistakes.
  • Payphones: We used Asterisk, along with some IAXy analog telephone adaptors, to service several payphones in the Mora area during special events. Everything worked smoothly – including our coin control scripts and other custom Asterisk add-ons.
  • Trunking: When there’s not enough snow to run Mora’s Vasaloppet ski race on its usual course, the event moves north to Knife Lake – a place where phone and Internet connectivity are scarce. Enter VASAPHONE – our custom-made solution to the problem. It combined a microwave radio transceiver (for bringing in Internet bandwidth from town), a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a Carrier Access channel bank. After a couple hours of setup and configuration, we had plenty of telephone and Internet capacity out in the middle of the frozen lake – with our Asterisk system in town converting TDM to IP and routing all the calls.

Wondering if an Asterisk system could help solve your telecom-related problem? Give us a call and find out – we might just have the solution you’ve been looking for.